Mountain Info

Base Elevation
6640 ft/2024 m
Vertical Drop
2212 in.
Peak Elevation
8852 ft/2698 m
48-Hr Snowfall
Avg Base Depth
14 in.
Last Snowfall
Jan 09, 2018
Last Snowfall Amount
4 in.
Previous Snowfall
Jan 06, 2018
Previous Snowfall Amount
3 in.
Season Total
50 in.

Resort Information


Ski & Board Festival Powder and VIP Passes

  • One free lift ticket.
  • Valid Tues – Thurs, non-holiday.
  • Holiday dates:
    • 12/19/17 – 1/4/18
    • 2/20/18 – 2/22/18
Sierra-at-Tahoe continues the tradition of a true California ski experience. Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy our friendly vibe, wind protected slopes, legendary beginner terrain, the world’s only Burton Star Wars Experience and TransWorld recognized terrain parks. 2000 acres and 480 inches of annual snowfall await you here at Sierra-at-Tahoe!

From San Francisco

  • Approximate drive time 2.5 – 3.5 hours
  • Take I-80E east into Sacramento
  • Continue on US-50 E toward Sacramento/South Lake Tahoe
  • Bear right at US-50
  • Turn right at Sierra-at-Tahoe Rd

From Sacramento

  • Approximate Drive Time 1.5 hours
  • Take the I-80-BR E ramp to Reno/Placerville/Fresno (CA-99 S)
  • Merge into US-50 E
  • Bear right at US-50
  • Turn right at Sierra-at-Tahoe Rd

From South Lake Tahoe

  • Approximate Drive Time 15 – 30 minutes
  • Head west on Emerald Bay Rd/US-50/HWY 89 toward Sacramento
  • Continue on US-50 over Echo Summit
  • Turn left at Sierra-at-Tahoe Rd

From Reno

  • Approximate Drive Time 1.5 – 1.75 Hours
  • Take the US-395 S ramp to Carson City
  • Continue through Carson City
  • Take Exit 38 for Fairview Dr
  • Turn Right onto Fairview Dr
  • Turn Left onto S Carson St/US-50/US-395
  • Turn right to take the US-50 exit to South Lake Tahoe
  • US-50 becomes Lake Tahoe Blvd
  • Turn left at Emerald Bay Rd/US-50/HWY 89
  • Continue on US-50 over Echo Summit
  • Turn left at Sierra-at-Tahoe Rd

Review Your Experience

  • SnowBomb_CA

    The Sierra at Tahoe lift ticket is valid in between Opening Day and December 19th, and then again from March 16th until Closing Day.

    • Nick

      So if I wanted to go on January 17 I can’t?

      • SnowBomb_CA

        That is correct. Many of the passes were not valid this weekend, due to the MLK Holiday.

  • John

    So can I go on Thursday, February 26th? I bought the Powder Pass for Sacramento

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Yes, yes you can.

      • sko

        But you also said it is not valid between 12/19 to 03/16…wtf?

        • SnowBomb_CA

          Hi Sko,
          That comment was from a year ago. We had Sierra at Tahoe deals that were available with both the Platinum Pass, and a Festival Powder Pass that had different valid dates during the 14/15 season.

          • sko

            And to make it WAY WAY more confusing….you have last years posts still up on your website….why are you “hiding” details?
            Are you expecting people to be happy when they show up on their paid trip to a disappointing surprise?

          • SnowBomb_CA

            Hi Sko,

            You’re using a Disqus comment forum, that’s just how it works.

            No details are being hidden from you, there is no reason to post last seasons black out days still.

            Why wouldn’t our customers be happy? It’s snowing in Tahoe, and this is a great deal that will save you tons of money if you come to the mountains this season.

  • Suman

    First time so just for clarification I am planning to go with a group of 7 friends on Feb 28th. The groupon deal will allow me to rent skis for free as well as a day of skiing at Sierra for $79?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      The Platinum Pass will not be good on that day. The Sierra at Tahoe ticket is an early season/late season lift ticket, which won’t be valid again until March 16th.

  • Princess

    I am planning on going April 5 or April 6. When is closing day?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      It all depends on the season. Though, Sierra at Tahoe tends to close mid to late April.

  • Joan Grumo Uriarte

    Can we go on November 25-26, 2015?

  • sko

    Snowbomb answered John that he can use his pass Feb 26….but also stated to other posts that the pass was not valid between 12/19/2015 to 03/16/2016…wtf?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Sko,

      Please note the dates of those comments.

    • SnowBomb_CA

      The valid dates for 2016 are listed above.

  • Julie G

    How do I book this deal?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Julie,

      Which deal are you trying to book? If you have questions or issues during or about the Platinum Pass purchase process, please submit a help request from the “Support” link above.

  • Mhike

    Planning to use my adventure pass on Feb. 27 will this valid on that day.

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Mike,

      I’m not familiar with the adventure pass. Are you in the right place? If this is a question about the Festival Value Pack from our Ski and Board Fests, then No. Your ticket, as listed above is only valid Tuesday – Thursday.

  • Anna

    I attended a festival and thought I was getting 2 lift tickets but on the site it says 1 free lift ticket when I went to redeem, how do I get the 2nd free lift ticket7

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Anna,

      Depending on which festival you attended, you would either have 3 lift tickets or 4 lift tickets in your account. One for each of the resorts offered.

  • yup

    is this deal only valid on the festival passes and not the platinum pass?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      That is correct, we do not have any deals with Sierra-at-Tahoe on the Platinum Pass.

  • francis

    Here is my case. Can I get a free lift ticket when I go to sierra next week. 03/22/16 Tuesday ? Any days btw tuesday -thursday except holiday work with this festival powder pass right?