Mountain Info

Base Elevation
7900 ft/2408 m
Vertical Drop
1800 in.
Peak Elevation
9700 ft/2957 m
48-Hr Snowfall
Avg Base Depth
17 in.
Last Snowfall
Jan 09, 2018
Last Snowfall Amount
1 - 3 in.
Previous Snowfall
Jan 06, 2018
Previous Snowfall Amount
5 - 10 in.
Season Total
87 in.

Resort Information

Mt. Rose is Lake Tahoe’s closest skiing to Reno, located only 25 minutes away from Reno and 15 minutes from Lake Tahoe. The mountain has over 1200 acres of terrain and 60+ trails to suit any type of skier or snowboarder.





Close. Convenient. Affordable.
Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe – where friendly staff, local flavor and good vibes fill the bowls.

Company Overview
Mt. Rose is Lake Tahoe’s closest skiing to Reno, located only 25 minutes away from Reno and 15 minutes from Lake Tahoe. The mountain has over 1200 acres of terrain and 60+ trails to suit any type of skier or snowboarder. Two 6-passenger high speed chairlifts get you to the peak of the mountain (elevation 9700’) in 3.5 minutes with panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and Nevada awaiting you at the top. The opening of the Chutes puts Mt. Rose in a whole new league.

Mt. Rose is the closest resort to the Reno/Tahoe Intl. Airport and just 25 minutes from Reno’s 17,000 rooms. Mt. Rose is the perfect choice for the first and last day of your Lake Tahoe vacation.

The closest Lake Tahoe skiing to Reno, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is just 25 minutes from Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Reno offers 17,000 unbelievably affordable hotel rooms in America’s adventure capital.

11 Mi. Lake Tahoe’s North Shore
22 miles from Reno/Tahoe Airport
25 miles from Downtown Reno

Review Your Experience

  • Andrew M.

    Is there any discount for lift tickets at Mt. Rose afer you use your free ticket with the Platinum Membership?

  • SnowBomb_CA

    Unfortunately, not at this time.

  • Al

    Is there any kind of discount on the Rental Package at the resort?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      There is no discount on rentals at the resorts. Only to Sports Basement and Rainbow Mountain.

  • john

    i want my child to 8+ and 10+ to have snowboard lesson – do we need to get tickets for the lift?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      it depends if they have a package that includes both the lesson and the tickets, and sometimes the rental as well.

  • disqus_RWwUi0TT14

    This lift ticket can be used as fist time package ?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Not as a package, but a ticket to use the lifts.

  • gagagagag

    Are the lift tickets for 1 day or for 1 lift?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      1 Day.

  • Philip Fang

    Can I go Mt.rose twice with the package, I can’t give up others tickets for that

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Phillip,
      Unfortunately not. Each account will only have 1 ticket each to the resorts listed.

      • Philip Fang

        will we have a special discount for extra stay in mt.rose then ?

        • SnowBomb_CA

          The only applicable deals are listed for the Platinum Pass. We do not have access to any discounts outside of what is on the pass.

  • Jesse Y Katrina

    can I use the lift ticket to mount rose unlimited times that day, up the lift? Or can I use the lift only once?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Jesse,
      Yes, it is a full day pass.

  • Tom

    Can the mt rose lift ticket be used before the stay at the grand Sierra resort occurs as long as it’s booked, say later the following week? What taxes or resort fees apply for the grand Sierra hotel stay?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Tom,
      That is correct, once you book the GSR two night stay, you can use the booking confirmation to unlock the Mt. Rose lift ticket in the Platinum Pass Deals section of your account.

      There are resort fees and taxes that total around $40 that GSR adds to all rooms.

      • Sunny

        I emailed the GSR earlier today and was told there was only a $25 refundable deposit in relation to the two free nights. Then I saw your post above and emailed GSR again regarding what you said. They told me… “Thank you for contacting Grand Sierra Resort. All fees are waived since the room is free. That is just standardized wording used on all sites and offers.
        Thank you,
        Grand Sierra Resort Reservations Team”

        So which is it?

  • James Curley

    Trying to book with GSR in order to obtain Mt. Rose lift ticket…. calls for a 10-digit activation code on the voucher…. which voucher? where?…. the voucher code on the Snowbomb pass (from email) is only 8-digits… the password for Snowbomb account is 12-digits… very confusing

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi James,
      the digit code will be found in the ‘Platinum Deals Section’ of My Account when you are logged in on along with the rest of your lift tickets and deals.

  • Alex Panutich

    As far as the complimentary GSR stay goes, can it be used to reserve a 2-person room? Are there additional charges for the second person?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Alex,

      I believe GSR will allow you to have up to 2 adults and 2 small kids in a room without additional charges.

  • SnowBomb_CA

    Hi Justin,

    The stay at the GSR is only valid for Sun-Thur, so your Friday and Saturday night stay would need to be paid for.

    You can activate both of your Mt. Rose tickets with the one confirmation.

  • Steven

    If I book a room with 2 queen beds that can fit 4, can all four Snowbomb Mt. Rose passes be activated with one confirmation code?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Yes, you can do that.

  • Sunny

    Hello. I posted a question yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. I am a little confused on the hotel situation. I asked GSR for the fine print and they said there would only be a $25 refundable deposit. I later read where a moderator told Tom below that there are resort fees and taxes (about $40) associated with the free 2 night stay. I contacted GSR again and they said this is a free room so there would be no resort fees etc. I am hesitant to buy the platinum pass before I know what I am really getting in to. Thanks for your help!

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Sunny,
      Sorry for any confusions. I have confirmed there is a $32 resort fee charged on all rooms.

  • Steven

    If I book a room that can fit 4, a double queen room, can I use the confirmation code for all 4 Snowbomb passes for Mt. Rose?

  • Sean

    How come Mt. Rose and GSR have different black-out dates? we can’t use them at same day….

    • SnowBomb_CA

      These are just the black out days as decided by each resort.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    hi im a bit confused. so if i buy the Platinum Pass for 4 people and book one room for the 16-17th for four people at GSR, would We be able to use that one room confirmation to activate the free lift tickets to mt.rose for the 19th?

    because by reading the product details, it looks like the lift tickets would not be able to be used on the 19th (holiday date)?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Anthony,

      You would be able to activate all 4 tickets. However, you can only use the tickets on the valid dates.

      • ardee

        So you can use all 4 tickets on different dates right?

        • SnowBomb_CA

          You can only use the 4 tickets on different days, as they are to 4 different ski resorts, and only intended for the one account holder.

          • ardee

            Ok, thank you for the reply!

          • SnowBomb_CA

            Very welcome. You can also click on “Support” on the main menu of and file a ticket if you have any other questions or issues.

  • Sheri

    Do you have to snowboard at Mt. Rose first before your can use any of the other ski resort tickets?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      You do not.

  • marvin HE

    Hi, I plan to use the GSR room first. Than go to the Mt.Rose later.Maybe 2 weeks later. Can I do that? Or I need to book the GSR room and the Mt.Rose ticket at the same day?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Yes, you can do that. Once the GSR room is booked, you can use the Mt. Rose ticket on any valid day this season.

  • SnowBomb_CA

    Hi Sko,
    You receive 1 lift ticket Mt. Rose. The 3 other lift tickets will be to the three other resorts.

  • SnowBomb_CA

    Hi Sko,

    You can use your lift tickets to Bear Valley and China Peak during other ski trips this season.

  • Chelsea Sheere Smisor

    So you can’t use all four lift tickets on the same day at the same resort? And it’s there any tubing with the lift tickets at any of these resorts

    • SnowBomb_CA

      That is correct. Tubing would cost extra if the resort offers it.

  • SnowBomb_CA

    We would all like things to be truly free. We post the information about the deals that is made available to us by the resorts.

    • Alain

      well the paltinum pass isn’t free, though a great deal if you can use mid-week. Just saying it shouldn’t advertise ‘2 free nights’ when it’s closer to $40.

      • SnowBomb_CA

        I suppose we could get into GSR’s semantics… you’re not paying for the room or the nights, just for access to the resorts features(whether you use them or not). But I do hear what you’re saying.

  • Maggie Castillo

    Before I book my room with GSR, I need to know if the reservation dates can be changed (in case we can’t make it due to weather/health or other possible inconveniences)?


    • SnowBomb_CA

      I believe you should be able to, but it would be dependent on availability, and you would need to check with the Grand Sierra to make sure.

  • Marie

    Can I book for 2 rooms in GSR for one night instead of 1room, 2 nights free?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Unfortunately, no you cannot do that.

  • Maggie Castillo

    Can the snow bomb be purchased for kids?
    I have realized that it is much cheaper to get my brothers a snow bomb than pay for a child’s all day lift ticket at any resort (even with discounts).
    Also, if it was possible, how would the GSR rooms work? Can I book them under my name (as an adult) and use their boucher?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Maggie,
      Yes you can purchase for children. Yes, as the adult, you can use their voucher for GSR. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      • kris

        I know GSR requires you to be 21 & older to reserve the room. Can I reserve multiple rooms and check into them all?

        • SnowBomb_CA

          I don’t think that would be a problem

  • kellykagrra

    I’ve communicated with GSR, & I am in need of some clarification before booking.. Does the Platinum Pass apply toward any “style/value” room offered upon availability? Thank you.

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi there,

      No it does not. The Platinum Pass applies the to King Standard and Queen Standard room styles.

      • Pam B.

        Hi, I am a Snowbomb repeated user. You can pay extra for an upgraded room and services! Just ask when you book. You can get all kinds of extras such as room service, spa/gym and more. Just ask for all their additional service. Its great! Their is also a bus that goes to Mt Rose for an additional charge. Have fun!

      • kellykagrra

        Thank you very much!

  • Maggie Castillo

    I bought 4 Snowbomb passes. I have used one GSR confirmation to activate all 4 Mt. Rose passes. therefore I have 3 stays at the hotel left. Do I have to book and use the remaining rooms before a certain date? or do I have all year (at least until next winter) to use them?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Maggie, your hotel stays and all other deals with this season’s Platinum Pass are only valid for the 2015/16 winter season. They will expire April 28th, 2016.

  • I’m looking to book a room this sunday/Monday at gsr to get my pass to mt rose. The blackout dates for gsr started on March 2. Mt Rose does not have the same blackout dates. I really just want the pass to the mountain. What can I do?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi there,
      The only remaining black out days are 4/7/16; 4/17/16; 4/21/16 for the GSR. You shouldn’t have any problem booking for the same dates as you want to ski.

      • Thank you for the info. Just checked in. Found out that it is not totally free, like the small print says. It is actually $18.95 to stay for the resort fee. Also a bit bit disappointed that there is no hot tub for a “ski” hotel except on the summer.Probably would not stay here if it wasn’t for the free Rose ticket.

        • SnowBomb_CA

          Thank you for the input. I was unaware that there was not a winter time hot tub. That is a bit disappointing.

  • Luiz Fernando Cruz

    I will fly from Dallas to Reno Airport on April/12th for 2 days ski, one at Mt. Rose and one at Homewood. I will drive to SFO after that. I am considering the Planitinum package, however I wonder where to pick up and drop the free rental ski equipment.

    • SnowBomb_CA

      The free ski rentals, if you could make use of them, are in South Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco. That part of the deal might not work for you, but it is a minor part.

  • kimberlee desilva

    The deal states 4 free lift tickets and a room purchase, got the room but how do I get my tickets

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Kimberlee,

      The lift ticket vouchers will be located on the same Platinum Pass Deals page where you found your Grand Sierra voucher. You will find them in the “Free Lift Tickets” tab, instead of the “Hotel Deals” tab.

  • Ashish Mendiratta

    Hi, when is the snowbomb pass going to be available for 2016-17?

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Ashish,

      There will not be a Platinum Pass this season, unfortunately. However, you can find great deals by attending one of the Ski and Board Festivals.

  • Pam Delgado

    Is there a snowbomb pass for the 2016-2017 season? I’m bummed that I don’t see one on here anymore. It was such a great deal for years!

    • SnowBomb_CA

      Hi Pam,

      Unfortunately not this year. All deals will only be available at one of the Ski and Snowboard Festivals.

Mt. Rose